Whimsical Floral Watercolour Illustrations

Whimsical Watercolour Artist in Stoke-on-Trent

As an artist, my aim is to help you to love and enjoy a simple life with my Whimsical Floral Watercolour illustrations. I find joy in the outdoors and I am passionate about the unique beauty of flowers and the simplicity of nature. My goal is to bring the beauty and wonders of the natural world into your home, office, and life.

With a wide range of art items, including lampshades, art prints, and greeting cards, I craft each item with special... Read more

Passionate About Nature

I am entranced by the beauty of nature and the extraordinary patterns, shapes and textures that flowers provide. As someone who loves to spend time outdoors and enjoy the seasonal changes, I often find myself going for long walks in quiet places, taking in the wonderful views around me. I always take my camera with me and take photos of whatever catches my eye, but I am particularly drawn to flowers. From the vibrant colours of garden flower... Read more


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