Passionate About Nature

Passionate About Nature

I am entranced by the beauty of nature and the extraordinary patterns, shapes and textures that flowers provide. As someone who loves to spend time outdoors and enjoy the seasonal changes, I often find myself going for long walks in quiet places, taking in the wonderful views around me. I always take my camera with me and take photos of whatever catches my eye, but I am particularly drawn to flowers. From the vibrant colours of garden flowers to the delicate petals of wildflowers, it is the beauty and complexity of flowers, with their fascinating patterns and shapes, that continually inspire me. 

I have always had a passion for art, and my business is built entirely on outdoor explorations and the love of nature. Everywhere I go I find myself taking close-up photos of the flowers that I find; admiring their beauty and being transfixed by the little details. They provide me with such an incredible source of inspiration for my art and I strive to capture their unique beauty with every piece of art I create. 

I make vibrant and colourful pieces that bring a little bit of summer joy to people’s homes or workplaces. Whilst I enjoy painting realistically, I mostly like to paint what appears in my mind, creating works with a whimsical and fantasy feel. In my mind, I can picture a young girl walking on a dreamy summer evening of flowers gently blowing in the breeze, and I aim to capture this in my art.

I love incorporating patterns, lines and shapes as I believe that it is these qualities of flowers that make them so beautiful and interesting. But every flower has a story to tell, and so I enjoy using bright and cheerful colours to bring life to my creations, as I attempt to weave the stories of these magnificent flowers into my work.

My love for nature and the endless inspiration it brings beautifully encompasses the idea of growth, resilience and the beauty that exists in the world, whatever life throws at us.